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Black Tie Events

Black Tie Events

The use of formal attire for an event sets the tone for everyone to look their best. When an invitation recommends a particular dress code, just follow these important rules for wearing the appropriate attire. Wearing the right outfit will not only look great but also allow you to celebrate the event in the right style.

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The invitation says "Black Tie" : This is the most common dress protocol for most formal events. This invitation suggests strongly that a tuxedo is the correct attire of the day. A black tuxedo is frequently selected but in the right season, a white dinner jacket would also be appropriate.

The invitation says "White Tie" : White tie does not indicate to just wear a white tie with your outfit or wear a white tuxedo. This event is the ultimate in formal dressing, requiring the use of Black Full Dress Tails, a white pique fabric vest, matching white bow tie and white wing collar shirt.

The Invitation says "Black Tie Optional" : Black Tie optional suggests that formal wear is appropriate attire however not mandatory. The "tone" of the event is formal mixed with business attire. A dinner jacket would also be a great option.

Other Formal Events: Black Tie Blue Jeans: Wear a tuxedo jacket and jeans-have fun. Black Tie Invited:Suggests wearing a tuxedo. Black Tie and Boots: Put on your cowbow boots,rent a tuxedo and practice your line dancing skills.

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