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Black Cutaway by Chaps Ralph Lauren

Product Description

Black Somerset Cutaway

Traditional Cutaway style coat that has endured the test of time. A black or grey cutaway is still considered to be the perfect wedding attire for a daytime wedding. Hickory striped trousers, vest and ascot tie are the standard choices for this classic combination that is truly a wedding formal.

Chaps Ralph Lauren

Daytime formal attire is referred to as a "Morning Coat". It is intended for daytime wear however a black cutaway, when worn with black trousers, can be worn in the evening hours. The style has a turn-of-the century appearance and indeed your grandparents may have worn the identical attire for their wedding. It is comprised of either a black or gray coat with striped trousers, a pearl gray vest, four-in-hand tie (standard necktie) or ascot tie, and a wing collar shirt.

Most often entire wedding party will wear the identical outfit, sometimes with a different tie or ascot.

Tuxedo Black Cutaway by Chaps Ralph Lauren

Pants Style: Hickory Striped Pants by Chaps Ralph Lauren

Shirt Style: White Wing Collar

Vest Style: Dove Grey Vest

Tie Style: Striped Ascot Tie